Coop. Ortofloricola

The Cooperativa Sant'Antonio has been operating in the market since 1991, with the primary goal of promoting the floricultural products of the Campania region. To this day, our cooperativa's production meets the needs of both the Italian and international markets. Currently, we have more than 100... Find out more

The quality that distinguishes us

Flowers’ quality is the Sant'Antonio horticultural Cooperative’s strength and is guaranteed by certain standards and by the double check to which the products are subjected: in fact, at first, they are selected by the floriculturist and then rechecked on site.
We assure our customers a careful quality control, a continuous research of new packaging and packaging technologies and a supply chain directed from the producer to the consumer in order to obtain the maximum guarantees about the quality of the product and its freshness.

Our products

Shapes and colors characterize the many species of the rose’s family: from the elegant "bohème" to the particular "super green", some of the varieties are available! From a political symbol to an ornament worn on special occasions, “Dianthus” has been present in Europe for centuries and it is one of the richest flowers in history. A very particular variant of the dianthus is that of the mini dianthus, or “garofanini” (Dianthus caryophyllus). With their wonderful colors, the different species of mini dianthus can also embellish terraces and balconies. Buttercups (Ranunculus) are herbaceous plants mostly native from Asia. Among the most desired varietes there are: “elegance”, “Pon pon” and “success”. The touch of quality lies in the attention to detail. Plants like “Aspidistra”, “Springer” and “ Aralia” are just some of the types of ornamental plants grown by us!

Visit our catalogue and find out the available products.

Trade Fairs and Events.

Events like the#IFTF  and the other fairs in general, are always a reason for joy and sharing for us.

Thanks to these events you have the opportunity to become part of a network that can only enrich, professionally and above all personally.

The Sant’Antonio Cooperative actively participates in international events, helping to make Italian and southern floriculture an ever-growing trend.