Our history

The Cooperativa Sant'Antonio has been operating in the market since 1991, with the primary goal of promoting the floricultural products of the Campania region.
To this day, our cooperativa's production meets the needs of both the Italian and international markets. Currently, we have more than 100 associated companies that continue to adhere to the original sales and representation system. The strength of the Sant'Antonio Cooperative lies in the quality of our flowers, guaranteed by specific standards and a double quality control inspection. Firstly, the flowers are carefully selected by the floriculturist, and then they undergo thorough inspection at our facility before being marketed in both national and international markets.
Our daily presence in the markets enables us to offer the best quality-to-price ratio. We are constantly researching the latest international proposals, following the most up-to-date market trends to meet our customers' needs and expectations. With great passion and dedication, we provide a continuously updated variety of cut flowers for every occasion.

Certified Company

GLOBALGAP certification is required by many European retail companies to offer consumers and the market quality products, particularly fruit and vegetables, that are safe and have documented traceability.



The Cooperative Sant’Antonio actively participates in international events, helping to make Italian and southern floriculture an ever-growing trend.